David Philippy

Postdoc research fellow

CY Cergy Paris Université (CY Advanced Studies & AGORA)


US economic thought Consumption Women economists Home economics Institutionalism

Thorstein Veblen Ellen S. Richards Hazel Kyrk Elizabeth H. Hoyt


My work focuses on consumption in the history of American economic thought (1885-1936) and the issues that its study has implied in the development of the discipline. I am particularly interested in the contribution of women economists at the beginning of the 20th century who were part of a double legacy of the Home Economics Movement and institutionalism. In general, I am interested in questions of “disciplinary boundaries” and the role that epistemological issues play in the construction of the identity of disciplines.

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  • Philippy, D. (2021). Ellen Richards’s Home Economics Movement and the Birth of the Economics of Consumption. Journal for the History of Economic Thought, 43(3).